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05 October 2005 @ 08:03 pm
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Thanks to sincerly_juicy for making this uber-awesome banner!!

I know A LOT of us "House" fans have Sims worlds based on them. WHy not share the insanity love? Post here with descriptions, updates, and general gabbery.


1) Please anything more than 3 paragraphs...behind a CUT**
2) ANY pictures bigger than 350x350 behind a CUT
3) More than 3 pics behind a CUT
4) NO FLAME-WARS, please. Some people are Cam/House shippers, other aren't. Same goes for ALL ships, whether common or rare. Live with it.
5) ((Just in case)) Anything SPOILER-ISH, behind a CUT with a WARNING
6) Please use TAGS ((at the bottom of the page when updatign your journal). Put in your lj username ((required)) and any keywords such as characters and descriptive words ((for ease of following separate stories))


your lj username ((always)), basics (usually for the first post with Sims char info), house, wilson, cameron, cuddy, chase, foreman, vogler, stacy, sex, party, crush, love, baby, marriage, etc.

**For those who aren't cut-literate--the code is <*lj-cut text="SUMMARY TEXT HERE"> minus the * Like my lj-cut was <*lj-cut text="RULES...>

Any rules you think need to be considered, please comment here! :DDD
jessikinsjessikins on October 6th, 2005 03:20 am (UTC)
Yesh. Ain't he cute? :DD